Other Services

We have a diverse team of marketers that have various sets of skills and expert knowledge to that your business further and make your brand shine.

As a full-service agency, Successful Media ensures that the ads run accurately so that the desired media message is seen and heard by the target audience. Our media monitoring services also includes:

  • Proof of advertising sent to accounts.
  • All online stats for ads placed.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign and using this data to inform future campaigns.
Public relations

To raise brand awareness and to position your business as an industry leader, Successful Meda will implement a public relations strategy that will vastly increase your business’s exposure to target markets.

Our experienced team will run your public relations campaign for you, ensuring a predetermined amount of activities are generated per month. The public relations activities could include opinion pieces, trend articles, sales win announcements, media interview, etc to raise the profile of your business. Our public relations services also includes:

  • Article generation.
  • PR update report – details coverage obtained from the previous meeting, what’s in the approval process, the status of current activities such as press releases, opinion pieces, case studies and interviews in progress as well as upcoming features.
  • PR activity report – details every activity that has been generated and sent to press (or in the case of media interviews, ones that have been conducted) along with all coverage reconciled to the activity.
  • PR coverage report – details each piece of exposure/coverage obtained along with the Advertising Value Equivalent.